How To Make Money From The Open Wealth Platform

Open Wealth Platform is a vision to provide a simple internet platform that makes it easy to make money online and also to acquire more skills for wealth creation .

The platform has three channels of cash opportunities for each member – referral rewards, recharge-and-get-paid account and new business ideas – plus investment wealth education (ebook).

The platform’s referral marketing system is simplified to accept members from all cadres and also reward them greatly. It has five categories of members, each with different signup requirements and benefits as below

BASIC LEVEL: This is a low entry level with a signup fee of N3,500 and one ebook. It upgrades to Bronze as soon as you earn upto N3,500. The earning potential is same as Platinum and the upgrade is a must to either Bronze or Platinum.

BRONZE LEVEL: This is a mid level position with an entry fee of N7000 and two ebooks (one investment and one choice ebook) and it has same potential earning of about N10 million but a withdrawal limit of N3million unless it’s upgraded to Platinum.

PLATINUM LEVEL: This is a high level position that compares with Executive with N15,000 fee to join. It has three choice ebooks and RechargeandGetPaid account. It has a cash reward estimated at same level as Executive Platinum.

EXECUTIVE PLATINUM LEVEL: This is the highest membership level on the platform and it takes a fee of N25,000 to join at this level. The benefits of this level include: automatic 7 downlines, four choice ebooks and RechargeandGetPaid account. Its cash reward estimate is about N10million on the average but you can exceed that easily as the referral system is unlimited.

REFERRER: This is not an active member but a free service person who earns money by bringing new members basically for the Executive level for instant cash of N1k per person. This level does not have a member account but can be signed up after 5 referrals. To join, just contact us through the frontpage form.

This is the easiest online platform to make money from, since the lowest signup fee of N3,500 gives you the opportunity to earn N1,000 from anyone you refer and about N1,000,000 from each of them in the long run. Meaning if you refer 12 people, you will get N12,000 instantly and about N12 million in the long run.

Note that your cash earnings from the Open Wealth Platform can be withdrawn at any time to your bank account with just one touch on the green button on the member’s account dashboard. The minimum amount you must have before withdrawal is N3,500. Each account is secured so your money is always safe and goes only to your bank account.

We activate rechargeandgetpaid account for every member so as to ensure that every member gets connected to the digital platform for easy utility services like recharge of airtime, data, cable television and electricity bills. It is also for the purpose of creating an expanded source of income for all members.

Beyond that, this platform provides downlines for you in your RAGP account that will continue to make money for you over a long time. Your Rechargeandgetpaid account is also funded easily on request. This is a platform that everyone should have.

Yet, you still have some money making opportunities on the platform to pick from and build more income sources. I dare say to you, a green opportunity is beckoning on you today. Arise and embrace it.

To signup now, click on the link below and fill the form with your data indicating your choice level and your referrer’s Username. Make the payment for your chosen level and you are set to win.

When you receive the confirmation email, log into the members area on the front page of the Open Wealth website below (ie members login) to check your details.

To refer your friends or neighbors to the platform, go through your phone book and select 10, 15, 30 or even 50 people you know can benefit from the platform, then send whatsapp messages to them as below. You can use the message format below but don’t forget to change to your own name at the bottom and change the username in bracket below to your own username before sending the message.

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“Hi, have you heard of Open Wealth Platform on ? I want to urge you to visit the website and see the opportunities there for you to create wealth easily. Do well to sign up.

You can also read more about it on the blog and see how to make good money on the platform. I have signed up already so you can use my username (crowngate) as your Referral Username on the signup page when you signup. Let’s make the money together.

The website is, you can open the signup form by clicking this link

Cheers, Kennedy.

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You cannot imagine the kind of money you can earn via your Open Wealth account by doing just what I have described above. Hope you make the best of this chance.

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