How To Program Your Phone For The Time Of Emergency

This is an important information for those who lock their phones or those who probably forget their phone passwords.

Most times when there is an accident or any emergency situation, it is difficult to access information on the victims phones because the phones are often passworded.

This must be corrected to save lives at such critical times as such quick information can save the victims life through by instant action and funds.

Aside that, it can also help you when you are in a situation like phone loss, probably your phone is locked and nobody knows your password but with this brief information I am about to share, you can save yourself and probably help and save another life.

First step: when your phone is locked it normally shows enter password, under it you will see emergency. Click on emergency ,you will see emergency information…… click on the emergency information(2times), You will see a pencil icon by your right ,click on it to edit.

Then enter the contacts you want to save as emergency contacts. You can put as many as you wish. But try to put active numbers of people who know you very well.(family or friend).

Now these contacts you have entered can be called when your phone is locked, without entering your password.

To call a number under emergency repeat d process and call any number you want provided its under emergency

The reason why this is very important is because, people involved in accident, most at times we can’t reach out to their families because their phones are normally locked….but when u go ahead with this simple process …..anytime any day ,if something happens to you one can easily make a call across to your family. Or if you forgot your phone somewhere and a good Samaritan picks it, he can call any of those numbers even if your phone is locked.

Please let’s always check the emergency numbers of any accident victims to save their lives.

Let’s share the knowledge😊🙏

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