How To Make Money From Recharge And Get Paid

Recharge And Get Paid is a registered company in Nigeria that deals on vtu (Virtual Top-up) of all mobile networks like phone airtime, data and cable television subscription plus electricity bills payment.

We are all *USERS* of  RAGP products. How? Everyone has a phone and recharge it daily, weekly or monthly. Most of us use data, cable television and electricity.

Many of us do not understand what the banks are doing to increase their bottom line. The Banks in Nigeria made over N100 Billion profit from airtime in 2017 alone and last year’s profit was even more!!!!

You can stop giving so much money to the banks and pay the money your yourself. You can do so by your signup with RAGP so that you have the right to use and vend out vtu to others on those four utility services.

So asides using the bank portal or roadside vendors for the #1,000 Recharge purchase… the other way around for you to buy your #1000 airtime is to use RAGP portal… When you use your RAGP portal you get your #1,000 airtime plus a bonus of #20 cash so you make money instead of being charged for the transaction. That’s why it’s called RECHARGE AND GET PAID… bottom line is *you gain*

Now imagine what you would have gained if you have been paid on your recharges for the past 5 years or even since GSM started…

2% commissions on every airtime looks small but Calculate it in one month, three months & more. Open an escrow account for these commissions and you will thank me for this new concept

Please we are not competing with the banks… but why should I lose money when I can make gains

While the past is gone, right now, the important thing is *how would you do your next Recharge??* Don’t do your next Recharge if you won’t be paid.

What does this mean to you on a monthly basis?

2% bonus for airtime
10% bonus for data
#40 bonus for cable TV and electricity

Get the bronze franchise by registration with at least #10,000 package and begin to get paid on all your recharges, data, cable TV subscriptions and electricity

Your franchise fee makes you a partner with all privileges and give you your own VTU portal and Business Center for dispensing the products for yourself and others

The company gives you 20% bonus as welcome bonus so you can begin to use your portal immediately

And all you need is *10 solid Motivated People* Just get 10 people who can see the vision and build their own vtu business

So by building 10 by 10 to level 5 ….. *gives you 100,000 User base*

Your 10 partners are your 1st generation team mates while their own 10 partners each will be your 2nd generation which gives u 100 partners

Going forward in this fashion, you will have 100,000 partners under u by your 5th generation as below

10 partners refered directly by you – 1st generation
10 get their 10 each (100 partners) – 2nd generation
100 get their 10 each (1000 partners) – 3rd generation
1000 get their 10 each (10,000 partners) – 4th generation
10,000 get their 10 each = 100,000 partners) – 5th generation

Now the numbers begin to make a lot of sense… but remember that we *only got just 10 people* who can partner with us.
With that we can be making money per second just like the banks…

This will not be bad for a business that will pay you continuously while you sleep. All you need to do is to start with what you can afford, from just #5,000 – #100,000 for your license activation.

Call me on 08033262498 for any clarification


*1. You earn 20% of ur registration fee when u register. This can be called ur welcome bonus.*

*2. You earn 2% of the airtime u recharge.*

*3. You earn 10% of the data bundle u buy*

*4. You earn ₦40 when u pay for cable subscriptions*

*5. You earn 20% of the amount ur success lines (referrals) pay to join.*

*6. You earn 10%—1% of the amount people pay to join ur success lines.*

*7. You earn 0.35% of the airtime ur success lines recharge.*

*8. You earn 1% of the data ur success lines buy.*

*9. You earn ₦10 when ur success lines pay for cable subscriptions.*

*10. You earn monthly ₦100k if ur Monthly PV is not less than 10000PV.*

*11. You qualify for an INTERNATIONAL TRIP FUND of ₦500k when ur Cumulative PV is not less than 25000PV.*

*12. You qualify for a CAR FUND of ₦2million when ur cumulative PV is not less than 60000PV.*

*13. You qualify for a HOUSE FUND of ₦3million when ur cumulative PV is not less than 100000PV.*

*14. You qualify for ANOTHER HOUSE FUND of ₦4million when ur cumulative PV is not less than 250000PV.*

*15. You qualify for a FINAL HOUSE FUND of ₦6million when ur cumulative PV is not less than 500000k.*

*16.* *You own your personal online shop from which you distribute telecom products.*

*17.  *You earn residual income every second as other Nigerians  distribute airtime,Data and Cable subscriptions.*

🎤🎤 *Electricity bill payment option will be available SOON…*


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