How To Make A Startling Income With N3,500 & Your Phone

A very interesting new development is taking place online that you need to know about so you can position for profit.

Last week I told you about the huge money making opportunities that you can grab on Open Wealth Platform. There is something new on the platform.

Open Wealth Platform has created a new membership level with lower signup fee of N3,500 to allow many people come in and make money. It is called the BASIC level.

This simply means that you can signup with just N3,500 and still make a lot of money like any other. You will still get your Recharge and Get Paid account and the choice ebooks.

How is this possible?

Well, it is created to give people with little or no money an opportunity to be able to signup and start making money so they are not left out of this great wealth movement.

In case you didn’t read How To Make Money From Open Wealth Platform, you can click on the link below to read it now

This new level makes it easy for a simple person like a student or a driver and any low income earner to join in this great gold movement. Even an apprentice can sign up.

One good thing about this Basic level is that it is easy to signup and also to refer others since the fee is small and once you refer one person you get N1,000 instant bonus so when you refer upto seven people to the platform, you will get N7,000 and then you can upgrade to Bronze with an RAGP account. You can even upgrade to Platinum and make same amount as any Platinum.

Another thing is that any amount you make is protected and you can prove how you earn it through the tracking window in members area, so no one can claim you are dubious when you make some good money.

Lastly, you stand to earn good money from the platform and good money from rechargeandgetpaid and good money from the business ebook that you choose. Plus the investment ebook that will show you how to invest for continuous growth in wealth as long as you live.

Open Wealth Platform keeps you wealthy, healthy and steady. Arise now and signup and make the money at your beckon. Click below to open the signup form.

Please use the username of your referrer in the space provided in the form for your Sponsor/Referral Username. If no one referred you, then use crowngate as your Sponsor/Referral Username in the form. Best of the season to you.

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